I took a day off work Wednesday to help a good friend Joe to move into his new digs. At 9 AM we were on the scene and we had him moved in 2 hours later. We made good time. After lunch however, the demolition begin. It was awesome. Dave Hoyt-Walterhouse, Nathan Colquhoun, Darryl Silvestri and I went to town.


Joe has a lot of work left before he moves in. If anyone wants to help out in the efforts, let me know and will go!!!

Personally, this was a different set of scenery for me. I haven’t done too much demolition work in my life. Neither had Dave so in between grunting like Alfa-males, we talked about our favorite food dishes. It was a sad site!

I am glad to see Joe return to Sarnia. He used to pastor here many a few years ago and has returned to start a new community. I am excited to see what’s ahead in the future.

In other news, its official, England was eliminated from the world cup so I don’t need reminding of their departure anymore.