Last weekend I got to relax with my good pals Dave and Jesse. It was good to hang out with out with them again.

Sibbs and Davie

First, we went and played Laser Tag. I got shot, a lot. And yes, it hurts.

Laser Tag

Then we went boating. Dave just got a new one so what the heck. I would like to point out that Jesse was unable to get up on wakeboarding and Nicole was able to on her first try.

On the Boat

Last week was wild. It started like another week. Monday morning I worked. We had a video conference meeting between Sarnia, Denver and Fort McMurray. In the meeting it was revealed that I would be heading out west to work.

So since I have to go out west I won’t be present to pack and move into my new place at the end of the month (which I just acquired with Nathan Colquhoun and Jordan Parker) I had to move out this weekend.

This has been a big pain the ass.

Thanks to all those that partook in the short notice move. I owe you all a drink.
Last night I got to relax lake side at the Toshs. That was awesome. We all sat and talked and some encouraging words were said for my up coming adventure.

I will be out west until the end of the month, move everything into my new place and then set sail for a vacation with my Grandad. Woot!