What a crazy week this has been. Wednesday I was informed that on Monday (that being two days ago) I would be flying out West to work for a couple weeks. I see no problems with this, oh, unless you mean I had to be moved out of my apartment by Sunday night. Thanks to a good supporting cast I managed to complete the move and I am on my way. (PS – all of those who helped me move are being given drinks on my return)

I arrived in Calgary at 4PM. Chaps awaited me outside. We did a little shopping, a lot of site seeing and then out for dinner. I wanted to live like a Calgarian for the evening, so I dressed in black, threw on a Cow Boy Hat and traveled to the most Calgarian Bar in Calgary. I rode a mechanical bull. Enough said.


Cigar with Chaps

4:30 AM the next morning, I hopped on the Suncor Jet and flew all the way up North to Fort McMurray. One word for this place:


My manager from Sarnia met me on the Jet and then took me on a tour of Fort McMurray. In Sarnia we have refinery plants; here they have refinery theme parks. Refineries are as far as the eyes can see. I would have taken pictures but that’s not prohibited. The dump trucks are also wild. I had to watch a video on how to avoid these things (Apparently they have the habit of running pickup trucks over and not even realizing it).

The craziest thing here is the work shortage, yes Sarnia, work shortage. They can’t find people to work anywhere. At Tim Horton’s (employees start at $15 an hour) have no one to work so the line ups are WILD. At McDonalds I was confronted by a talking trash can. It opens, thanks you, takes your garage and compresses itself. They figure its cheaper to install these because they cant hire anyone to do.

At Wal-Mart all of the cashiers are machines. You have to scan your own stuff. House owning in a night-mare. Sam (my boss up here) took me on a tour of the “rich area.” Houses going for $1.5 million would go for $300 000 in Sarnia (and only if it was on the water). For $300 000 you can settle into a cozy 2 bedroom trailer park home. And why do people do this you ask? They don’t call it Fort McMoney for nothing.

My hotel is dope. I am downtown and the Keg Steak House and Bar is connected to my hotel. I am on the top floor so my view is wild (pictures to follow). They have an awesome coffee lounge so I am sure I will be utilizing it to the fullest to read.

I miss Sarnia already, it’s my home. There are talks of a possible move up here so I have a lot of thinking to attend to. But not until I get back from Europe with Granddad.