Last weekend, I had to drive to Toronto to see my sister Natalie.  I was hooking up some computer things for her and her room mates.  While I am in Milton (about 30 minutes from my destination) the phone rings – its Natalie “Hi Ron, were going downtown tonight and your driving, were going to see Brad Pitt.” 


Brad Pitt eh?  He’s not that famous – ha! 


So I get to Natalie’s, drop my stuff off, eat and we are headed for downtown.  Apparently he was in town for the premiere of his new movie.  Not only that though but there were load of celebrities out and about for the cities week long film festival.

Brad Pitt


As soon as we park we are right near big crowds


Women with loaded cameras, lots of estrogen – very hostile.


Natalie wanted up front with the rest of her friends so we made a push for it.  Before I know it I am lifting all the girls up on my shoulders so they can get a better view.  So my back is shot and Brad finally arrives.  It’s at this moment that I realize a dilemma.  I am in between 1000 women and Brad Pitt.  I can think of some bull fights that were in a less hostile situation.          


Brad does his meet and great thing, he girls go crazy and we make a quick and safe exit.  After leaving I was informed that Bill Clinton was at a near by hotel celebrating his birthday.  I love Bill Clinton and defiantly wanted to get my picture taken with him.  I waited about 40 minutes but no luck.  Tim McGraw came out of the hotel and talked to us for a bit.  We got a couple pictures of him.   

He looked like he needed a drink.