It’s Tuesday and we have just arrived in Montreaus (a couple days late but very enjoyable stops on the way).  We stopped in Pontarlia and managed to see the chateau on the hill.  I have just had a crepe (pancake) on the lakeside in Switzerland and we fed the ducks.  We are moving on to the alps today and spending the night on top.  We will make the travel over it tomorrow.

We will then arrive in Lake Garda tomorrow (Wednesday).  I will probably be able to write more from Gesolo.  Internet is hard to come by right now and it was truly a pain to find a store (open) that I could purchase a converter for my laptop at.    

Unfortionatly my pictures might not make it online for a while as high speed is kind of an unheard where I am.  When I make it somewhere where high speed is available I will be sure to upload my pictures.


Ron / Geoff (Granddad)