We left Switzerland and traveled to the Alps.  “The Alps” is just a nice way of saying “the border of Italy and Switzerland, 10,000 ft up a mountain at Grand St. Bernhard.”  Imagine driving around narrow streets fit for one car going up at a steep rate, on a cliff, no barriers turning at 180 degrees.  That will put you into small perspective of the Alps.  Take into account that I hate and am terrified of heights, you can see just how much I loved being up there. 



When we finally came off the mountain we were in Italy.  A quick trip down a high way through Milan (2 hours bumper to bumper traffic) and we arrived in Lake Garda.  Lake Garda is BEAUTIFUL!  There is no way to explain it other than to go there.  My Granddad has been coming here for 40 years now so he knew where to go, where to eat and where to stay.  He didn’t expect however that the little place he stayed normally had been transformed into a 4 star hotel.  We lucked out, BIG TIME.  It was a nice setup. 

The restaurant next door was a family owned business.  Great food and service.  After Granddad and I lounged around the pool and beach for two days, we traveled to Lido di Geselo.    


Lido di Geselo is a tourist spot in Italy.  Beaches as far as the eye can see.  And to think it’s a nude beach!  Granddad relaxed on the beach and I played basketball down the road. 

In the evening, we walked down the main strip and came to a restaurant (that Granddad knew quite well).  The service was fantastic and the food….. Well lets say I will never say again “that was the best food ever” because I ate the finest food.  Hands down this was the restaurant of all restaurants.  Crap, I can’t remember the name.  Just to let you know, from all the places I have been, the Italians serve it the best and it tastes the best.


Just a few miles from the beach, we traveled to Venice.  What can you say about Venice that already hasn’t been spoken?  It’s beautiful and it’s busy.  I took some pictures but they really don’t do it justice.  I was pretty excited though because I managed to pick up all of my presents in one spot. 



We left Lido Di Geselo today and drove 7 hours through 132 tunnels under the Alps back to France.  Tonight we rest in Nice.  We are stationed right outside the very famous “Acropolis.”  It is located downtown next to the “old country” where Granddad and I found a nice pub in the wall and played dice all night with the local bar tender and friends.

Tomorrow after I take a million pictures, we will travel to the south of France were we will spend the rest of our time until we travel back to Paris for a visit.  See you in 2 weeks!



Ron / Granddad.