I managed to find wireless on a beach today.  How great is that!  Currently I am in the south of France.  The beach I am on is located in Lavendeau.  Our apartment where we are staying is also right on the beach located in La Londe.  The water here is different.  Its salt water and a word to the wise is not to drink it.  I will also mention not to swim to far out either.  Being salt water you can lie on your back and have no problems floating.  People have been known to fall asleep on it an be safe.  Not me though, I floated out some distance and a jelly fish stung me on the leg!  

I reported this to my Granddad later and his reply was “well don’t worry now, if it was a serious bite you wouldn’t have been conscious to tell me about it.”  It still hurt like hell all the same; I suppose I will repay my fishy friend back this evening when I snack upon his relatives for dinner.  

The south of France is really different from back home.  It’s very laid back here.  So much so that everything closes down for like 2 hours at lunch so everyone can sit down and eat.  I was in shock!                  

I have noticed something about the people as well – their fit.  The majority of the people are slim and I have contemplated why this is: they focus so much attention on food.  McDonalds is almost an unknown and if it’s not fresh – it won’t do.  

Fish is a huge source of food consumption.  (It makes sense; they live on the Mediterranean Sea).  Not only do they eat fish, they eat fresh fish, fresh everything!  No one eats garbage here.  No Twinkies, no fast food, no crap.  Physical fitness being another thing I have noticed.  People walk here – everywhere.  And when they walk, it’s up hill.  Everyone lives on a mountain.  On the main strip is this game they play (which I don’t know the name) but the older generation play it.  It’s great to see hundreds of retired people playing an active game, all day, everyday.


I have been pondering many things in regards to France, Italy and Canada.  Mostly their differences, pros and cons.  I have them written down and I think I will blog about that in the near future.

Granddad and I are here in La Londe for 8 days.  During our time here we will encounter beaches and food.  There isn’t much else to do here other than that so I am learning (forcefully) to slow down which I might add is harder than it sounds.  Granddad has been coming here for many years and has many friends to visit.  We spend most of out evening socializing with his old chums.  

We leave here on Tuesday morning and will jump on the autobahn again.  I anticipate 2 days of driving until we arrive at Paris.  Once in Paris we will spend two days being tourists (I am determined to join up with a tour group).  We fly out of Paris Friday afternoon and arrive in Toronto that evening (we gain 6 hours due to the time difference).  If you have forgotten Nathan, please pick us up from the airport at 6:30 PM Friday night.  

Cheers Ron and Granddad