Here I am in Calgary again. This visit is alot different.
First off, its minus something degrees outside.
Second, Jordan Parker resides here now.

Jordan Parker

You know that feeling you get when your standing in the bleachers at a hockey game watching your kid and he scores a hat trick. Go ahead, admit it, your proud with joy.
Unfortunately I don’t have any kids yet so I don’t know what that feels like but I do have a great friend named Jordan whom I am mighty proud of as if I were in the bleachers.

Not even a year ago Jordan was sitting in my apartment beside himself. He lost his first job in finish carpentry and didn’t know what to do next. I cant say I was all that worried when he was sitting there in despair; if you have seen Jordan’s work, you wouldn’t have been worried either.

Not even a year later, he has moved to Calgary with his friends Dale and Shaun Smith to work. He owns his own Finish carpentry business, has a beautiful house and is loving life.



I hate that talk about getting ahead or being well off. Those aren’t the reasons I am proud of him. I am more proud of the fact he did something alot of should. Think and dream outside of the box.

Talking with Jordan now you can feel a sense of belonging. Calgary is his new home and with it comes new dreams and responsibilities. “I get up every morning and excited to work… I wouldn’t even call it that. It cant be work when it just feels so natural. I get up every morning smiling as I go to “work.” I enjoy every minute of it.”

Cheers Parker.

In other news, I am also visiting with Chaps in Calgary this weekend; its his 23rd B-Day. When I come back to Calgary next weekend we’ll hit up the hills of Banff and “shred the narr.”