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Norwalk – strikes again.

Last Sunday night I came home from Toronto brining with me: Norwalk. A night of no sleep, puking and not being able to walk around was the outcome of our time together.
Since that time, Nathan, Darryl and john (all of my roommates) have been visited by it.
Nathan got sick with it last week, traveled to Hamilton (while sick) and his fiancé got it.
Last night, Ethan, Joe’s kid, got really sick. I don’t know if that is Norwalk or not, but I have my suspicions.


This is a picture of Darryl puking this morning. He is at home right now trying to sleep it off.

I just want to know if anyone else got it that has been in contact with our house or with us.

What is NORWALK:
The Norwalk virus causes viral gastroenteritis, also known as acute non-bacterial gastroenteritis or food poisoning. Symptoms include nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, low-grade fever, chills, anorexia, headache and fatigue. The virus is transmitted by fecal-oral contamination through water and food vehicles, and by person-to-person transmission. Pollution of shellfish waters and poor personal hygiene are common contributors.

A Day in Toronto

Today my sister and I traveled to downtown Toronto. Her and I had an educational day. We traveled to parks and historical sites and read all the statues and monuments we could find. We went to the house where the founder of the dominion bank (TD) lived. The house is now a furniture store. I saw a chair I really liked there but I left my $4000 in my other wallet and couldn’t buy it today. Hopefully next time I will remember my flow.

I love finding out interesting facts about cities. If you look close enough in any city there is historical artifacts all over that tell the cities story. Realizing that, I think about Toronto in the present and what story it will leave for when tourists visit 200 years from now.

One image that stuck out to me was the amount of homeless people on the streets. I found humour in the the image of a homeless man freezing to death right out side the BMO. The BMO being the richest building in downtown Toronto. It pained me to see these homeless in that state but don’t worry everyone, that pain was short lived as I convinced myself quickly that all the homeless people are just acting and that they live pretty well for themselves. Or that most homeless people chose that life style and that they are happy doing it, ca’mon people, if they didn’t want to be homeless, they wouldn’t have to be.

You think of all the incentives and the attempts good hearted people make to help the homeless and marginalized yet you continue to see more of it. With all of those kind attempts, there is a bigger and sadder reality and unless we deal with that, there will always be homeless and marginalized people. The sad reality is that the system we have created for ourselves where we consume and put pressure on ourselves and others to succeed and do and be better has created this ugly life for people. Our attempts at trying to reach to the top has blinded us to the people who get trampled on in our pursuit.