My flight to Calgary was great. The man sitting next to me was a sod expert. Seriously, he provided sod for all the professional sport teams in Toronto and owned companies all over the world. He was off to New Zealand for a sod conference and was so excited to see all of the new types of grass and seed to purchase. We discussed politics, laws, religion and most importantly of all – sod.

The in-flight movie was The Queen. Being English myself, I overly enjoyed it.

Landing in Calgary I headed over the Avis to pick up my rental. My good pal Ryan Chapman had preordered a rental for me that I was to pick up. I was handed keys to a Lincoln and set on my way. Walking aimlessly in the parking-lot I hit the alarm button to locate my ride. To my surprise, a MASSIVE Lincoln Navigator started erupting.

I strolled up, unlocked the door and a foot step emerged out of the side of the SUV. This ride had everything; 23 inch rims, leather interior, you name it – it had it. I picked up Jordan Parker and his cousin Phil and we headed into town to have lunch with Chaps.

Chaps works in downtown Calgary so we went to our usual spot – Earls. They have amazing food served by the most attractive people from either sex, even the cooks are attractive. I am surprised no one has ever cried about the discrimination of “ugly” people.

When Chaps finished work we all headed to a pub on the water and had a few socials with the guys from Suncor. After socializing we headed on our weekend trip to Fernie, BC.

Chaps and his two friends (Drew Turner and Tyler) hopped in the back of the Navigator and off we went.

Chaps and Drew got themselves excited for a night on the town

and I excited myself for sleep. After a full day of flying and then driving to Fernie I was exhausted; I curled up in this Ikea bed contraption and looked forward to the next day of skiing.

Fernie is a MASSIVE mountain and people travel from all over the world to ride it. I thought I would try skiing this time (if you will recall last time I snow-boarded and I plummeted 800 feet on my rear to my almost death).

Chaps and his pals had big ideas for the day and I was content with not taking part. They spent the day 6000 feet above me and I hopped on the bunny slopes. Not knowing how to ski I thought I would take everyone’s advice and get lessons. Unfortunately I missed sign up and couldn’t partake. Luckily thought there were people in line with me who were rookies and willing to assist.

Kristen, Amy and I spent the day cruising down the bunny slopes and on our rears (them not so much). By the end of the day our confidence was up and we proceeded down a blue hill. The hill humbled us pretty quick.

I don’t know how to describe it but on this day I felt really….. Canadian. After an exhausting day on the slopes I perched myself near a warm fire in the mountain pub, watched some hockey and enjoyed a cold, crisp Canadian beer. We sat around the table and talked about all sorts. It turns out my new friends that were quite educated and carried themselves in a good fashion.

The evening was spent on the town which, to be honest, was pretty weak. Chaps always likes to pretend it’s my birthday when ever we travel to unknown locations which usually gets the night jump started (people like to celebrate strangers birthdays). It’s pretty hard to get the night going when it’s just guys. Seriously, all men.

Sunday was more of the same; we hit the slopes, Chaps and his pals ascended into the clouds and I perfected my bob and weave approach on the bunnies. We ventured to a really cool restaurant/skate shop/ski, snowboard/skate park/internet café all in one. It was wild.