22 held many good times and sad ones. The following is in no particular of what occurred while I occupied 22.

Moved out and got my own place and then promptly moved 6 months later
My best friend got engaged!
Went to Europe with my Granddad for 3 weeks
My sister Debbie was diagnosed with breast cancer
Fell in Love – Broke up with that person twice
Enjoyed a full year employment at Suncor
My sister started her final year of school
My brother became a truck driver
I started a company with Nathan Colquhoun called Storyboard Solutions
I lost a friend to drinking and driving. RIP Sarah
I developed new friendships – Thanks Ken and Mark
TheStory was born
I went out West to Calgary, Banff and Fort McMurray
I went skiing on 3 mountains
I fell down 3 mountains
I started to play a musical instrument. For the ladies – it’s a violin, for the fellas – it’s a fiddle.
I watched my friend Jordan Parker excel and I am very proud of him.
I bought that coat I always wanted. Ha.

My good friend Reg Manno emailed me this morning and it said

“23 years ago…God sent us the pimpest pimp…according to scripture, he’s gonna take the world by storm!! Reg 3:16”

I am excited to see what 23 holds in store for me.