I have writers block this week so I will write about last night at my house. My buddy Reg had to remind me “even Shakespeare had writers block.”

Yesterday Nathan moved out, I moved into his room and Eric Rodey moved into mine.
All of that to say I don’t have a stove anymore.

It’s sad to see Nathan go but it is good to see him getting married. Darryl will be moving out at the end of the month so it will be sad to see him go as well.

So John Oravec, Eric Rodey and I will be “king of the castle, king of the castle” at the end of the month. Eric is a music nut so our living room will consist of an electric guitar, acoustic guitar and the violin (fiddle).

For closure to Nathan and Darryl moving out I will be buying a new pair of shoes; I am not even kidding.

Just as Eric moves in and everyone gets settled into their new accommodations, I will be going out west for 3 weeks. For the third time in four months I will be seeing Chaps and Jordan.

Exciting things coming in the future: Jesse Sibbald is moving home and is all graduated from Kinesiology (so proud of you bro). Natalie, my sister is moving home and is all graduated as well (so proud of you sis).

My Granddad booked our flights so it’s off to Switzerland again!!!!!!