Before arriving in our villa, we stopped upon a place called Grasse. Grasse is a beautiful little part of France where a lot of perfume is made. Needless to say we visited one of these “plants” where we were given a tour of how the operation goes down and then were coerced into buying their product. And you know me, I am a sucker for very attractive women selling things; especially those with a barley speaking English, French accent.

Hot Girl in Grasse

Later that day, we arrived in Le Lavandou. Le Lavandou used to be a sleeper of a town; A little hidden gem for my Grandparents and their friends to spend their days lying on the beach; nowadays its a lot more busy and we found ourselves on the top of these huge hill, over looking all of the towns activities.

Our Villa

Le Lavendou

Guy sitting

We plan to visit a few local places here; Hyeres, Bormes and St. Tropez.