Wednesday I awoke to the birds chirping, streams pouring and Granddad snoring. Not to worry though, I packed extra ear plugs. We packed our things and departed over the Alps. For those of you that don’t know, the Alps are mountains; high mountains located on the border of Switzerland and Italy.

Natalie on top of the Alps

Once over the Alps I found myself in-between a fierce black Ferrari and his friend, the Porsche. Finally, I had my chance to shine in the motor world; I was driving in a car that could get up to 230 km/h and I determined to find out how I would do against these iconic vehicles. Fortunately for me, they turned the other way when we made it to the autostrada (highway). I got the Alfa Romeo cruising to the tune of 200 km/h and can you believe it – cars were passing me!!!!!!!

We made it to Lake Garda in record time. Granddad had made it back to the hotel he has been coming to for over 30 years; Assenza Isabella – A lovely place on the water.

Garda - Lake Side

Today we strolled down to Riva Garda; Granddad fed the birds and I got to photograph his enjoyment.

Granddad feeding the birds

I have had a lot of time to relax on this trip and with that, catch up on a well needed read. I am currently reading “The Story of Google” which makes me want to search the internet more and more.

Tonight as I write this (I know, I’m such a nerd that I brought my laptop out drinking but I have to take advantage of the free wireless where I can get it) we sit on the side of Lake Garda listening to a gentleman sing, play the trumpet and navigate the karaoke. Natalie and Cheryl sip merely on their wine as Granddad and I enjoy a Brandi. We had dinner again at Da Pippos and once again, enjoyed it a very great deal.

Having a Brandi outside of Di Pippo

I must say, while the Italians don’t know the first thing about bread, they make up for in just about every other compartment (well, they can’t serve a decent pint either but that’s another story). Their pizza and pasta is top notch, seriously, Natalaie keeps exclaiming “this is the best food… ever.”

We will stay in Garda for another two days and then off to Venice.