What’s that smell? Oh Ron must be back in Europe because all I can smell is a clutch burning up as he can’t change gears worth a damn.

Before I get to the messy details of my car, let me just confirm for everyone that we all landed safely and made it to our first destination without a hic-up (other than not being able to find our hotel, but who cares, we’re on vacation!)

Nathan drove up with us Saturday morning to Toronto. Thanks guy, once again, helping me out. We were stuck in a traffic jam on the 402 due to an accident. According to the CB reports, we were going to be waiting a while and would for sure miss our flight. So me, being “Mr. Break the rules,” drove down the emergency ramp passing loads of parked vehicles until we came across a patch of road where we could drive across to the other side of the highway. All of that to say we caught our flight with plenty of time to spare.

We arrived in London England this morning with a 5 hour layover before going to Geneva, Switzerland. So, what is a starving, famished boy to do when visiting his homeland? Have the BEST English breakfast he could find. Bacon, sausages, proper beans….. ummmmmmmm….. So good.

We arrived in Geneva around noon; we had been up 30 hours straight. We checked out into the country fine and then proceeded to Hertz for what we thought would have been a Ford Mondeo. Luckily for us, they had made a mistake; no Mondeo in sight so they had to upgrade us to a $50,000 sports wagon; An Alfa Romeo 159 if you will.


We all had dinner tonight, the food was DELICIOUS!!!! We sleep on the border of France and Switzerland and tomorrow we descend to the bottom of the Alps.

Keep checking daily as I think I will have access to the internet a lot more this year.