Today we sit in Monte Carlo.

Natalie at Monte Carlo

The rest of the trip entails following the sea. I don’t have a problem with that at all.
Yesterday we drove across Italy (6 hours) and rested in Menton.

Driving by a pit stop I had the urge to use the little boys’ room so we stopped. Upon my return Granddad in his persistent habit for getting to know new people was having an all out conversation with a biker having the word “violence” tattooed on his neck. Turns out he was a super nice guy so our posse decided to sit and drink tea with their posse; they even let us sit on their bikes (which I might add are bad ass!).

Natalie on bike

Check out their site!

This morning we got up and cruised down the sea-side and will be resting in Nice tonight on the promenade. This afternoon we will relax on the beach (I am going for a well needed run) and tonight we will travel to the “old town” and drink. Oh yah, and eat.