Today we sit in Cannes.


You might remember the name of this location because of the Cannes Film Festival. That event unfortunately has come and gone but this week holds the 2007 yacht expo. I thought the boats in Sarnia were nice – this place was off the hook. I could tell Audi was sponsoring the event because there were a million of them lined up driving all the ballers place to place.

Natalie and Brad Pitt

After walking around (and finding our hotel) we found ourselves on the beach directly behind the huge theatre that holds the Cannes Film Festival.

Tonight we went to the “old town” for dinner. We sat a lovely restaurant in a small back alley. Well, the “old town” is primarily small back allies. It’s really unexplainable how much culture you experience at once and the pictures I took didn’t capture the mood at all.

Tomorrow we travel to our final destination where we have rented a villa for 7 days. I don’t know what my internet will be like once I get there (last year I had none).