Yesterday we found ourselves in Pontarlier, France. We traveled to a castle, Chateux do Joux and saw some awesome toilets. We relaxed at one of Granddads favorites spots called Hotel de Joux. He has been coming here for 20 plus years. He loves it because nothing ever changes.

The French are very hospitable, and love the fact that we tip. For dinner Cheryl enjoyed some escargot, Granddad, the perch and Natalie…. Well, she went to bed early – she had wine for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Today we cruised back into Switzerland cranking Barbara Streisand and the Bee gees. We stopped in at a super market and stocked up on the essentials: liquor and wine.

Right now, we are in Montreux, where we are about to snack down on some pasta and enjoy the sites. We will sleep on the Alps this evening and cross into Italy tomorrow.

I don’t know how my internet will be in the next following days. I will post when I can.

Granddad at his Tree

Granddad at his tree where he marked up with his wife almost 15 years ago.