Well, I am not one for the celebrity scene but if you are ever in France and want to see where the real ballers live – St. Tropez is your destination.

St. Tropez is not a place for celebrities like Brad Pitt. St. Tropez is a place for celebrates that pay Brad Pitt to do things for them. As you see, the real money isn’t in starring in films or being featured in commercials. The real money is being the person who has the rights to those films or being the owner of that advertised product. They vacation here.

How do you know your rich? When poor saps like me have to pay money to glide past your home on a boat full of other poor saps; that’s rich.

A proud moment was when I was sitting at the port and I noticed a HUGE yacht to the right of my eye. Could it be; the biggest yacht in the port and it bears a Canadian flag!!!!

canada boat

After leaving all the yachts, we traveled to the next baller sanctuary – Port Grimo. This place is so rich that it has its own security guard at the front wall preventing local traffic from entering. Once in, you are surrounded by all the rich peoples backyards – and they all seem to be fully stocked with sail boats. Being a sap, I was once again paying for a boat ride to tour around their backyards.

Down the road is an awesome local English pub called Monros. I remember this place because Granddad and I came here last year…. All day. We sat merrily for a couple hours this time drinking Gin and Tonic.