These aren’t official Fort McMurray statistics by any means…. but this is what I have observed while traveling here over the last year.

Avg. starting pay (per hour) at a Tim Hortons: $16.80

Avg. wait in line for a large double-double at that same (and only) Tim Hortons: 18 minutes

When driving to the plant your vehicle is covered in what I can only explain to be soot. Most popular color of vehicle you pass while driving to work: white

Typical work day in Fort McMurray: 10 hours.

Fort McMurray is the 2nd biggest city in Newfoundland (only a local would understand that)

Avg. hourly wage of a homeless person: $12 (yes, the homeless are fulltime employees)

Avg. price for a semi-attached starter home (2 bedroom): $372,000.00

Avg. price for a plate of breakfast (w/ coffee): $14.60

Closet Swiss Chalet to Fort McMurray: 5.2 hours

Mens plus at the YMCA? No

Urged to keep your belongings with you at all times while at the YMCA: Yes

Pages of advertisements for “escort” services in the phone directory: 18 pages.

Avg. Price for a hotel room (mid class) for one night: $190

Fort McMurray produces the highest amount of oil in North America:
Avg price of gasoline for the last two weeks: $1.10
Avg price of gasoline in Sarnia for the last two weeks: $0.87

Avg. Rent of a two bedroom apartment (mid class) per month: $2400.00