Last night, Granddad and I did our usual dance down to the movie theatre. You know the movie is going to be awesome when Granddad and I go because Granddad only wants to see the best. Well, American Gangster was probably the best movie I have seen in years.

Right off the get go you come face to face with Frank Lucus who is played by Danzel Washington. Frank is setting a man ablaze to show you he is merciless. Then five seconds after setting the man on fire, he shoots him to put him out of his misery – this displays his compassion.

Richie Roberts, who is played by Russel Crowe is a ruff around the edges cop who is studying to become a lawyer. You get a feel for Roberts when he finds 1 million dollars in drug money and turns it in even though he knows he will loose huge respect at the precinct (because most of the cops had stakes in the money). “It was the right thing to do” he explains later on in the movie.

Personally, you could stick Russel Crowe and Danzel Washington in a circular white room for two hours and I would pay to watch it. Put them in a movie about business, drugs, politics and justice and I might even buy the DVD when it comes out (instead of downloading it).

I can’t say too much more about it other that just go and see it already.