Today I am 24.
The following are the events that took place in my life in the last 365 days.

Nathan and Rachel got married and being the best man, I caught the bouquet
I am going to be an Uncle! Love you Natalie
Granddad, Natalie and I traveled to Europe
Jordan Parker and Laurie Knight get engaged!
My sister, husband and kids come to Canada to visit
Roommates: Scroad, Oravec, Nathan, Darryl, Vinny
Moved into the Toshmahall
I resigned at my beloved Suncor
Started my new job at OLG Casino
Celebrated a year of singleness!
Jesse comes home, leaves, comes home and is now leaving again
I finally got up on ski’s, I didn’t end up in the hospital

More to write but I am going out to celebrate.