Thoughts for the Week

Thoughts for the Week

April 17, 2008 9:41 pm 4 comments

Tim Hortons
Has anyone been winning Role up the Rim at Tim Hortons? I sure as hell haven’t and I am an avid customer. Seriously, nothing – 0/30 at least. There is a new coffee place down town Sarnia called “Coffee Culture,” great brew, free internet, check it out.

Satellite Radio
For the past couple of weeks I have had the privilege to drive in the presence of satellite radio. I must say for a guy that listens to music as much as I do, I was VERY impressed with it. No commercials, loads of on demand music with plenty of variety.
I know the argument “you shouldn’t have to pay for radio” to which I will now argue “true, but time is also money and I hate wasting my time listening to commercials – HATE!”
Also I love, love, love talk radio and there is more than enough on Satellite radio.

If it wasn’t for CBC Radio 1 I would have switched to satellite radio. What’s that you say, you don’t listen to CBC? Wow…… amazing radio, Canada doesn’t know how lucky they are to have something so class.

Cigarette Butts
The western culture has (for better or for worse) jumped on the “green” band wagon. So why is it I still see (daily) some asshole flick their cigarette butt out of their moving vehicle? What is your problem? You don’t want that filth in your car but it’s alright for our sidewalks? Do smokers not see their butts as garbage, filth or waste? Wake up people.

You know what I am finding more pleasure in? Cooking; especially for other people. STOP! Put down the phone, cancel that order of pizza and invite someone over this week, prepare them a meal and break some bread (at my place, a few beers too!)

GPS Navigator
I bought a top of the line GPS, loved it, then realized that google maps kicks ass and promptly returned it.

My Focus was Victimized
To the prick that thought it was funny to key my car from one side to the other a few weeks back, I hope you get hit by a car; preferably mine.


  • Coffee Culture isn’t new…and it’s not great either. It’s a carbon copy of all their other chain stores. If you want a good place downtown go to Blackwater. Oh and Tim Horton’s, who the hell is that?


  • Now it works. I can’t wait to see this doc. It sounds exeellcnt.:You know how when our countrymen are taken hostage by terrorists in a foreign land, people are very upset and demand their release, yet right here in Canada we have hundreds soon thousands of people being held captive and brutally harmed, robbed of their life savings and health by foreigners and their own government, and its somehow ok????!!!!!! Go figure! This must be stopped by whatever means is required! McGuinty has declared war on his people

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