My sister Natalie gave birth to a most beautiful baby boy last week. 8 pounds, 6 ounces and is adorable (of course I am saying that out of bias – you decide)

Natalie and Jaxon

From what I have observed, Scott, sporting the latest title of “Dad” is over the moon with joy. It’s awesome to watch him and Natalie in action as they change, feed, burp and care for him.

What is it about new families that get everyone so excited?
Is it that sense of new beginning? A new born is so innocent, no experiences with failure, lose, disappointment. The only thing that baby knows is love.

I was asked last night if having your own child was selfish in a climate like today. “There are so many homeless babies already present in this world, why not tend to those?”

Truthfully I can’t think of there being a selfless reason to do it, other than to say that the actual act of childcare is a selfless one. I looked all over the internet to see what other people were saying in regards to this question.
A lot of people said “to see if I could do it” “to be fruitful and multiply” “to experience the miracle of birth,” etc, etc.

My personal opinion on the matter is that people have children (if not knowingly at the time) to give them and those around them hope.

Hope that with this child the world will prevail through your creation (after all, your children are scheduled to live longer than you).
It’s amazing to think that the ideas of truth, miracles, cures, peace and love can and will become known through children that aren’t yet thought of yet.
That, for me, is hopeful thinking.