Tonight I write from the Great St Bernard at the base of the Alps in Switzerland.

At the base of the Alps, Switzerland

This morning we awoke to a nice breakfast and a cool breeze. It’s the dead of summer here but we were very high in altitude in Pontalier.
We left there and drove back through Switzerland today. Beautiful country!

On our travels, we came across Granddads “tree” that he and his wife have visited over the last 20 years. Each year they marked their territory by in-printing the name and date of year they visited.
I was hoping to continue the tradition this year but I left my hammer and chisel in my pant pockets back home. Oh well, plenty more years to remember them.


Tomorrow we head over the Alps via the Simplon Pass (9000 ft up). As Natalie will tell attest, the road is very narrow and winds up and then down the mountain. That will place us in Italy. Tomorrow night we will be in Lugano, Italy (Lake Maggiore) and Como.