Granddad and I drove over the Alps today (9000 ft high). Granddad kept encouraging me “look over there Ron it’s beautiful.” If any of you know me you know how terrified I am of heights. Needless to say, the only thing I was looking at was the cars passing me by on the narrowest of roads.

9000 ft down!

4 hours of driving later we arrived in beautiful Locarno, Switzerland. We checked in quickly to the first hotel we saw. It’s pretty preppy; our room is called “Duke Ellington” or as Granddad puts it “the black fellas room.”

We had a quick nap and headed down the road to an Italian restaurant. Of course I had Pizza and Granddad the minestrone soup.

eating soup


Tomorrow we awake and head to Lake Garda in Italy. This is one of my favorite stops. There is a restaurant called “Di Pippo” that I have fallen in love with. Granddad has traveled to his shop for the last 20 years. I can’t wait to get more pizza!