I must say, one of my personal favorite places to travel!!!



After enjoying only one day in Garda, the next was soured by rain and I mean SOURED. It has rained for the last 2 days and into our arrival to Jesolo (an hour east of Venice) the rain has relentlessly continued. The weather forecast reports this will last another 2 days. Pissing me right off! So I thought I would post nice pictures from our trip last year!

last year

Anyway, we had dinner tonight at one of Granddads (and of course mine) favorite restaurants. We love it for the food of course but the service is second to none. One of the waiters (Vito) who had been serving my Granddad for 20 plus years recently died last week before we made it. It was very unfortunate and threw a damper on the meal.

We will spend another day here tomorrow although no beach time has been allotted and then we will make our way south-west to Nice, France.

Ron & Granddad.