After leaving some miserable weather in Jeselo we decided to drive directly to Nice to beat the gloomy weather. We loaded up the car and headed south west to the south of France. 6 hours of driving later, we arrived in Nice, France.


We stayed at our usual, Campanile, a few minutes walk from the “Promenade des Anglas” (public walk way on the water front). This beautiful scene stretches the entire length of the city and on the other side leads to “Old Nice.” This location is known for its beautiful old France feel and its lack of transportation and taxis. I had to brave the terrain and find parking for our car.

We enjoyed what I felt to be the best calamari EVER. When I picked the calamari I assumed I would be receiving what I normally do; squishy circles that resembled close to that of union rings. Oh no, they brought me the entire squid (octopus). It was truly an event to cut the little bugger into my traditional calamari.

Granddad stuck with his sea bass, also served in full – head to toe (fin). We enjoyed a nice walk and sit around the old town, sipping coffee, lacquer and puffing on a cigar.
Another night here and we head farther west to our final destination, Lalavendeu.


cigar 2