Day 1

Greetings from Ferney, Switzerland (a few yards from Lake Geneva).
Firstly, this email is brought to you by my blackberry phone, for without it, would have never made it to our destination. Muah!

Secondly, this email is also brought to you by The Balvenie single malt Scotch Whisky.
While in the English airport they had a store called “Scotch.” We went in there, told the gentlemen what type of taste we were looking for and he introduced us to The Balvenie (one of the most exclusive brands on the shelf (and probably the most expensive as well!!!!))

Granddad and I are relaxing in the Novotel Hotel fully stocked with the essentials: scotch, wine and cigars. I made 10 CDs that I burned off the net simply called “the 100 best classical songs of all time.” They are organized by date, starting in the 17th century.

Our car, a stylish new Volks Wagen Golf is automatic (I know, I can’t possibly break the clutch on it now!).

Tonight we are eating at the first restaurant we ate at last year. They had amazing scampie and I am dieing to get into the food here.

Day 2

We left Switzerland and headed North in France. We spent the day traveling through Lousanne and Ouchy (where Charlie Chaplin and Richard Borton had villas – Granddad).

Ouchy, town centre

While in Ouchy, we enjoyed the lovely water front and stopped in at Granddads infamous pub – The White Horse, which he reflects to have drunk quite a bit there over the years.

We moved on from there to Pontalier; where we purchased a large quantity of wine (its dirt cheap, $2.00 a bottle and superb quality).

Pontalier, France

Granddad is currently napping as the effects of the bottle we shared seamed to affect him more differently than I. We are about to go down the stairs for dinner for some steak (me) and fish (Granddad).
The hotel is called “Auberge de joux” and Granddad knows the “la dame” so well that he greeted her with kisses (on both cheeks). I am sure I will continue the tradition for years to come.

Ron & Granddad