The Greatest of Sins..

The Greatest of Sins..

September 20, 2009 10:33 pm 3 comments

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about areas in my life where I am lacking. For if I am not asking this question I have the habit of growing complacent or worse yet, thinking there is nothing wrong to correct.

I’ve been reflecting about where I go/going/gone wrong and have I at least learned anything from these reflections.

If I am being honest with myself I would say I am most certainly prideful, followed up with its byproduct – conceitedness. “I’m not conceited” I thought to myself the other day and then in my readings a day later I came across this: “If you think you are not conceited, it means you are very conceited indeed.”

I think pride to be the greatest sin out there because of what it causes people to become. Where they focus their time and finances, your views and how you treat others are all drastically bent and distorted by pride.

I don’t think the issue is pride by itself. It’s when you take your pride and attach it to other vises in your life.

Greed is a vise in my life. My greed enjoys more money and with this money I enjoy my house, home reno’s, vacations, better drink and food, entertainment with friends and obviously fashionable apparel. But only to a certain point. If I inject my un-checked pride into the mix of my greed it mutates it into something much worse.

This feeling comes upon me and I start to yearn for a better house not because I need a place to lay my head but because someone else lays theirs better than mine. My vacations need to be more exotic, expensive and further because someone may have one upped me. My food and drink and who I enjoy those things with need to be of a certain class…. Pride gets me to a point where what I have isn’t enough and the only thing that curbs my pride is climbing the ladder higher than others.

If you read this and think “that’s sad Ron, I’m not like that” I would think that’s a good indication that pride has you all rapped up my friend. The problem with pride is that it’s in competition with everyone else as pride is competitive by nature. I know I am prideful because I get annoyed when I see it in others. It is because I wanted to be the big shot at the party that I am so annoyed at someone else being the big shot.

Two of a trade never agree.


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