12 hours!!!!!! To top it off we left late from Watwill so we arrived at our destination just before midnight.

The day was filled with highway however we did divert to take the back, back, back roads of the Swiss Alps and went over (and up 8000 ft).
We arrived in Lake Garda at the Hotel Issabella and fell into a deep sleep on an uncomfortable bed!!!


This was definitely a long day. The view throughout this trip was largely dull, due to the highway nature of our route. Oddly, this led me to observe the complete lack of advertising billboards all along the roads as is the norm in North America making for a rather pleasant trip through the Swiss country side.

We spent some time on the Swiss-Italian border town of Montreau, taking in one last view of Lake Geneva and sipping on some delicious Starbucks. That’s right, I said it. Starbucks. In this city, it was the cheapest game in town.

Next on our route was the Great St. Bernard passage over the Alps. This climb was definitely tough on our little VW Polo but Ron whipped him up into the mountains, usually having to resort to driving strickly in 1st gear. These were some steep roads. Not only were they steep, but they were narrow and hugged the cliff sides that lacked any form of barrier. I may have sworn a couple times as we ripped around some of the sharp bends in the mountain. The views on the way up were as gorgeous as they were on the way back down into the Italian side of the Alps.

Standing on top of the Alps at the highest point accessible by public roads was not something I ever thought I would be able to do. Not because of any limitations or fears but due to what I thought was limited accessibility. I didn’t even know one could simply (well, not easy) drive up and see the tops of the mountains, having the peaks within an arms reach (kind of). I scooped up some of the snow covering one of the peaks to keep as a souvenir. Ron laughed, but I thought it was a great souvenir for myself. I called my Dad from this spot and told him all about the views and updated him on the progress we were making on our adventure.

Next stop was Lake Garda. As soon as we got down to what can be considered the base of the Alps in Italy, we hit the highway hard for 4 hours…would have been a brutally long trip if the average driving speed wasn’t 140 km/hr.

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