The bed was not comfortable, but the views more than made up for that fact. Barely awake, I stumbled out onto our balcony to breathe in the fresh air and look up into the mountains as the morning mist was still rising.

The plan for the morning was to drive around during the morning and early afternoon to visit the surrounding little villages. I was supremely pumped. Ron, on the other hand, looked like a lost boy. See, when we came in for the night after a long drive, Ron was setting up his laptop only then to notice that he had forgotten the power cord at the Frohmader residence. Since that realization, withdrawal had set in hard. The plan was to check out one of the locale towns which he knew to have an internet café to see if he could find some way to charge his laptop and/or get his pc fix in. Luckily as we wandered around checking out shop after shop (and by we I mean me; Ron had his backpack with laptop gear trudging along downtrodden) when we came across the local office supply store which also had pc equipment, including a universal laptop power adapter. This was to be Ron’s souvenir from Lake Garda.

Spirits lifted and we headed back to the villa to cool down (walking around in +28 degrees makes one crave being pool/lake side). We took in some sun, a nice swim for Ron (after being thrown in, I also enjoyed the pool) and some gelato down by the lake which happened to be directly across the street from our hotel. Hours faded quickly as we read and napped under the hot Italian sun. We found our way to Mecesine for a fantastic meal of four cheese gnocchi and pizza, topped off with more gelato and a complimentary limoncello. The service was exceptional and the owner lived up to my expectations/visions.

Once we haggled a bit with the parking lot meter (silly tourists!), made our way back to our uncomfortable bed.


I love Lake Garda. Many a good night I had with my Granfather as this is where I usually let the belt loose and drank the nights away.

The hotel, call “hotel Isabella” is located directly on the lake in a town called Benton. Directly next door is a pizzeria called “Di Pipo’s Pizza” which has the best pizza I have ever eaten. This is saying a lot since I love to eat pizza.

Meghan and I headed over there after our walk and swim and………. New owners!!!! Ok, not to worry its still called a pizzeria. Oh what, you just haven’t changed the signage, you don’t serve pizza. Crap, well, I just had the soup. Still god though.

Dinner was great in the evening and relaxing by the pool was much needed. Tomorrow we have a quick 2 hour drive to Lido Jeselo which is just outside of Venice.

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