Mini travel day, this time only a 2 hour jaunt from Lake Garda to Lido di Jesolo, just outside of Venice. The benefit of having an uncomfortable bed meant that we were up and ready to go by 9 am – can I just say that I was showered packed and we had eaten breakfast in the dining room by this time. I know, this vacation has changed me a little.

We were in Jesolo by noon and I was sprawled out on our hotel’s private beach front looking on to the Mediterranean Sea. The breeze was perfect. The view was amazing. The sun was crisp without a cloud in the sky to obstruct its rays. Heavenly. Ron joined me after his jog and we both basked in the sun until it was time to make our way out to dinner. Another phenomenal meal topped off with a walk and some gelato. Like Paris, Italy has spoiled me for everyday life. I’m already contemplating when I can make it back for more 


Jeselo is the “vacation” destination for the Italians. This time around it is MUCH cheaper. I know the recession wasn’t a good thing however my bank account has benefited from the cheaper accommodations and restaurant bills.

We are staying a beautiful hotel just a hop, skip and a jump from the sea.
The beach front stretches on for about 5 kilometers and is littered with swank hotels.
Each hotel has a private lounge area on the beach and we took full advantage. I tanned the nicest red yet.

I always eat at the same restaurant when in Jeselo. As you will see from the pictures below, the food is tremendously well prepared. Eating good food has not been a problem on this trip.

07 2010 Europe Trip June 10 002

07 2010 Europe Trip June 10 003

07 2010 Europe Trip June 10 275

07 2010 Europe Trip June 10 238

07 2010 Europe Trip June 10 239

07 2010 Europe Trip June 10 258

07 2010 Europe Trip June 10 256

07 2010 Europe Trip June 10 246

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