It’s been a whirl wind the last few days. Saturday afternoon I arrived in London (Ontario) and for the sake of this vacation, North London at Meghan’s villa and dined on the patio with pad thai.

On Sunday we shot off to Waterloo to exchange sake and sushi with Joe Reid. All you can eat – more than enough said. We left Joe and ventured to Mississauga where I decided to get some colour. I wasn’t anticipating on bright red but that’s what I got.

We got on our flight, everything on time. The airport from what I am used to experiencing was dead. The flights were great. Stopped over in Iceland and didn’t see any whales or elves: very disappointing. Our luggage made it safely and we picked up our Volkswagen. (Note to Joe Manafo: I haven’t stalled the car once!!!!)

We arrived at our hotel, just out side the red light district and we slept… hard. We woke up at 9pm and decided to take the car to see all of the sights Paris had to offer.

For anyone thinking of traveling to Europe (Paris) you need to invest in hacking your GPS!!!!!!! Navigating has been effortless!!!

It’s official, I’m completely and totally ruined for everyday Western life already…after a single (not even full) day in Paris. The city, the architecture, the food, the way of driving; It’s definitely something that needs to be experienced in non-tourist season as we are currently doing.

After waking up from our much needed nap in the very comfy hotel bed, we set off to Montmartre aka the Paris red light district. After finding primo parking on the street directly across the Moulin Rouge, we explored the city drenched in night life and lights.

We decided to dine on the patio at the Chat Noir Bistro complete with perfect street views, piano man and tourist conversations for entertainment. The food was … there are no words. Ron decided on Ravioli Royale avec Cepes and I had Boeuf Bourgignon inspired by my viewing of Julie/Julia on the day’s preceding our trip. Both dishes were phenomenal and we happily shared each others meals and basked in the after glow of the deliciousness for quite some time before making our way back towards the Moulin Rouge.

Meghan drinking coffee at Chat Noir

Moulin Rouge!

Next stop was the Eiffel Tower. First, we saw the searchlight beaming across the city, then the top half peering from above the gorgeous buildings. It looked amazing covered in white sparkling lights, like straight out of the Devil Wears Prada. Simply said, it was amazing. Safe to say I was in awe.

Meghan under Eiffel Tower

Next stop, walking along the Seine to the Pont d’Alexandre, where we got a second chance to see the Eiffel Tower all sparkling. The rest of the night was spent speeding through the streets of Paris, checking out the sights lit up for the night. There was the Louvre, the National Library, La Sorbonne, Notre Dame and countless other gorgeous monuments and buildings.

Ron at The Louvre

Meghan at The Louvre

As I stated above, ruined for life.

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