Meghan knows her history and I like walking is my day 2 conclusion. Yesterday we must have walked 20 kilometers, easy. After finding parking at Saint Germain (wasn’t an easy task) we decided to explore from there.

The issue with being at the center of all the action is that there is a monument, building and tourist destination at every glance. Since I have been here before I told Meghan that I was fine for what ever the day brought. Meghan, drunk on building knowledge and picture taking finger would say something like “lets go here, its only 1.6 km away” (according to GPS) and on route we stopped at 17 other sites. 4 hours later arriving at our original destination.

I am glad this occurred because we found so many nooks and crannies that we would not have otherwise seen. Like Jardin du Luxemburg (a park). It was amazing!!!!!! There, I experienced professional chess players with timers…… I was mesmerized.

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Another break was we found artists littered across The Seine River. We found some amazing art and purchased 4 paintings. What? Were on vacation!!!

After over 7 hours of straight walking I was actually glad when it started to rain. Exhausted I suggested we get dinner and Meghan, still drunk with building knowledge realized she was a little famished as well.

We traveled to the Arc du Triomphe where we ate at the same restaurant that my Grandfather and I ate at. The food was still amazing. I devoured Pan Seared Scallop Risotto and Meghan, equally as hungry had Spinach and Fois Gras Tortelli (like ravioli).

We traveled back to the hotel and Meghan was asleep before I could catch up on the NBA scores (LA and Boston final – what up!!!!)

As Ron alluded to, we spent more than 10 hours just roaming around Paris…and just stumbling onto a ton of sites we planned on seeing and some we didn’t…at least 8 of those hours were totally by foot with no metro, bus or taxi. Needless to say, we got back to the hotel last night just before 10pm and crashed for nearly 11 hours…the only reason we sprung up was that the breakfast was only until 9 am!

Let me tell you about the adventure that took place during those hours. First, I have to tell you how big of a fan I am of the French cheese culture. They treat brie here (at the hotel breakfast) like butter, tons of it! Guess what has been making it into my purse for our daily munchies 🙂

Next up, finding our way to the Louvre part of the city which led us to venture down Champs Elysee and around the marvel that is the Arche de Triomphe arrondisement, we found parking down St. Germaine. The crazy drive leading us to this parking spot left us needing a bit of French caffeine, so we bask in the beauty of St Germaine while sipping on café au lait at the Café de Flore before walking around the streets where I could not help but window shop. Along the way, we stumbled into the Colleges des Beaux Art. Have to admit, studying art in Paris sounds like it would be a pretty big deal. Next, we made our way along the Seine and into the Louvre courtyard which we both believe is much more magical when lit up in the night. After discovering the Louvre was closed on Tuesdays; we were not the only ones unaware of this fact, nor did this really affect our spirits. We moved along to view the rest of the outside of the Louvre and started to direct ourselves towards Notre Dame. On the way, we saw many monuments, la place Dauphine, le Palais de Justice (Court House), an old jail house as well as ‘les cryptes archeologique’ just in front of the Notre Dame.

We took in the Notre Dame surrounded by school children there for a visit. Another advantage to visiting Paris in tourist off-season; that and the fact that admission to many sites including the Notre Dame is free of charge.

I can’t even remember what we were destined for on our next stop. What I can tell you are the sites that we manage to see on this adventure. L’Hotel Dieu hospital, l’Academie de Medicine, l’Institut de Curie, many churches, bridges and cafes, Sorbonne, Jardin du Luxemburg and the Pantheon. It’s around this time that the skies broke open and rained like cats and dogs. Getting into the car to go to dinner, ‘It’s raining men’ was appropriately being played. This is also the first time we encountered Paris traffic. Not fun, as you can imagine…much better when you can own the road.

Once we finally found parking off of the Arche de Triomphe arrondissement, we dined on yet another fabulous meal, this time with true Parisienne courtesy. Next stop, bed where I slept a solid night’s sleep, ready for another full day!

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