About Ron A. Smith

Ronald Anthony Smith was established 1984 in Felixstowe, England.
He moved to Sarnia, Ontario with his family when he was 7 Years old. His supporting cast consists of his brother and sisters Jeff, Natalie and Debbie; followed by his parents Ron Sr and Valerie.

If you know Ron at all you know he enjoys his time casually drinking with his Granddad Geoff. They can be seen at Paddy Flarities sparking up conversations on anything to nothing at all.

Ron works for OLG casino where he manages the daily operations of Information Technology.

Ron founded a company Storyboard Solutions with his child hood chum Nathan Colquhoun. Although Ron has taken a step back from the day to day operations, he enjoys working on cutting edge technology in web design.

He recently took over as head of 3 on 3 Dunk it. This is an organization dedicated to aiding local sports primarily in the Basketball area.